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Virtua 21st-Century Learning

Are you wondering what your child should know? What science concepts are 3rd graders expected to study? How do you know if your child is ahead and behind? How can you help them succeed without spending countless hours going back over information they already know just to fill in learning gaps? If only there was…
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A Quick Start Homeschool Curriculum for new or temporary homeschoolers.

A Quick Start Homeschool Curriculum

Have you been thrown suddenly into the world of homeschooling? Many parents are in need of a quick start homeschool curriculum that will provide an easy transition back to public school when the time comes. Maybe you can’t send your child back to school in the fall because of health concerns. Maybe you just aren’t…
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How to Teach Science to Multiple Kids with One Curriculum

How to Teach Science to Multiple Kids with One Curriculum

Science is a favorite subject of my kids. From the time my oldest kids were just little pre-schoolers, when I asked them what they wanted to learn about it was always a science topic. From insects, to planets and plants, they wanted to know more about the world around them. This makes perfect sense. Young…
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Typing Practice for Kids

Typing Practice For Kids

How do you teach kids typing? And does it matter? Can’t we just let them peck along at the keyboard and do it their own way? Well, you can if you like. But you won’t be doing them any favors. Typing will get faster and easier as kids practice it correctly. Typing is a motor-memory…
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Free tutoring and livestream classes for high school math.

Free Tutoring & Livestream Classes from OneClass

OneClass is an online support center for upper high school and college level classes.

Unlock the Power of Stories - Literature Curriculum for High School History

Literature Curriculum for High School History

Literature is better than textbooks for history, even in high school. As your kids get older and you know you need to start tracking credits to fill in a high school transcript, you might be tempted to switch to textbooks. But textbooks are the fastest way I know of to turn off your child’s curiosity…
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The Homeschooler's High School Roadmap Product Review

Review of Homeschooler’s High School Roadmap

This is a review of the course The Homeschooler’s High School Roadmap developed by a homeschool mom of eight. I received free access to this product in exchange for an honest review. Felicia Johnson who blogs at The Zoo I Call Home has been homeschooling for 16 years. She has put this course together to…
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FabuLingua Review - A Spanish Language Learning App

FabuLingua App is a fun story-based Spanish learning app for kids. It is free while schools are closed.

Homeschool Curriculum Review for High School Literature and Philosophy

I have a kid who is flying through books like wildfire. And I don’t just mean casual novels. He has read things like Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka and sections of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Ovid is for school work. Kafka is for fun.

Homeschooling with an Online Homeschool Curriculum is a high quality online homeschool curriculum, a great choice for personalized learning, and suitable for a large range of homeschooling styles.