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Made in Ukraine, this 3d wooden puzzle truck is made of eco friendly plywood. The punch out pieces snap together, no glue needed. This is an intermediate to difficult level kit. It comes with clear instructions, and 205 wooden pieces. Average time to build is about two and half hours. Once the truck is built it becomes a toy, with a truck bed that can be manually raised.

The finished size of the model is:

4.33*9.64*4.13 in

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More info from the creators of the truck, Wood Trick

Thousands of pounds of steel can inspire awe when seen on the road. The Truck is an example of the wonders of engineering to build a machine strong enough to carry and tow heavy cargo. Let your child also be inspired by this mechanical wonder by building his own Wood Trick model truck. The authenticity of the design will make your child feel the accomplishment of building like a real engineer.

Although it is a great deal lighter than a real truck, there are still 205 pieces included in this set. The Truck is considered an intermediate difficulty set, but building it is still accessible for all ages. The set comes packaged with clear, simple and very detailed instruction as well as illustrations. Follow these instructions to build the set efficiently and correctly! Bringing the whole family together to build the set and play with it after - what could be better! Building these sets will draw out and propel your child’s ability to plan and build their own structure or vehicle like a true architect or engineer. Our hope at Wood Trick is that building this set will not only bring the family together, but we will also be molding the future creative minds around the world!

Utilizing safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees without any added toxins or glues, you can build the Truck and transport your own cargo! Even small children can safely play with Wood Trick sets without fear of exposure to harmful chemicals or dyes, although we recommend parental supervision when small children build and play. Be the king of the road with the Truck!

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