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Welcome to my Homeschool Blog, Marla Szwast, Jump Into Genius, Homeschool

Can You Jump Into Genius? 

Scienctists have know for some time that intelligence is not fixed at birth. Yet the idea that some kids are smart and some slow is still pervasive in how we think about kids. The truth is, some kids do learn faster than others, but that does not have to be true for the rest of their lives. Intelligence is malleable. While a slow learner might have to work hard to become a fast learner, it is possible.

I believe this not only because of all the reading and research I have done into how the brain learns but also because I watched the transformation and effectiveness of these ideas in awe as my oldest went from a slow, struggling learner in early elementary school into a teen whom both peers and teachers (other than mom, college professors) have come to label as a fast learner. 

This blog, above all, is focused on how the brain learns. You will find information on cognitive and neuroscience. How physical movement and excersise is crucial to optimal brain development, and even some basic brain freindly and kid freindly nutrition posts. 

On this blog I plan to write  three main types of posts:

  1. Posts that will help home educators gain clarity and confidence.  I want to help you shut off the constant self-doubt and leave your “If I had all the time in the world list” in the nearest recycling bin, or fire pit.  I want to help you make lists and plans that actually fit inside of your 24 hour day.
  2. Posts about child development, neuroscience, and the history of education.  Child development is often not considered when a curriculum is created and implemented.  I think it is time to connect the dots between child development, neuroscience, cognitive science, and our own home education programs.  I believe that rather than being a new educational philosophy, or another set of ideals we cannot live up to, connecting these dots can actually simplify and streamline our philosophies and actions regarding the education of our children.
  3. In addition, I will attempt to share ideas and systems I have used to simplify my life as a homeschool mom.  This will include topics that are not directly about homeschooling, but about other things in life that moms take care of such as laundry, meals and how to get your kids to work without whining.

Do you have a topic you would like to hear my thoughts on?  Send me an email with Question as the subject, and I will reply or write a post about it!

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