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BDNF Builds Better Brains

BDNF Builds Better Brains

Your guide to BDNF, what it is, the role it plays in learning, and how to increase it.

Practice Does Not Feel Like Magic, But It Is

Practice matters because it changes us. It changes our abilities, yes, but it changes us on a much more profound level than that.

The Four Most Important Things to Include in Your Homeschool Plans for Next Year

It might sound simplistic, but these are the things your kid’s brain needs to grow.

The Homeschool Guide to Neuroscience - Fancy Science Supports Common Sense

When your child gets bored their brain shuts off. This is not speculation, although we can see the evidence simply by observing children. There is actually research and explanation as to what is going on in the brain when it shuts down the higher learning centers and why it does this. You can read more…
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7 Strategies to Keep The Boring Out and Get Kids Interested in Learning

So learning all this stuff about neuroscience, cognitive science, and functional brain theory is fun, right? But the thing is, it is only useful if we can see how all this knowledge should be affecting our daily lives. With that in mind, I am dedicating my weekly blog posts in November to addressing some of…
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Exploring Intelligence - Creative Minds

via GIPHY I was excited to find that Jeff Hawkins touched on the topic of creativity in his book On Intelligence. I think creativity is often highly misunderstood in our current culture. We think doing anything differently than it has been done before is creative. Yet our brain is primed to find patterns. Creativity can…
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Exploring Intelligence - Predictions

Why is our brain primed for patterns and relationships? What does focusing on those aspects and ignoring some of the nitty-gritty details of input have to add to our intelligence? Focusing on patterns and relationships allows us to make predictions. This is done continually by our brain, in the background. If a prediction is violated,…
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Exploring Intelligence - The Magic of Memory

Why is the human brain faster at solving problems than a computer? Why can we engage in simple tasks like clicking on a picture if it contains a flower, yet a computer cannot? It has long been believed that computers are just not fast enough or small enough to do the things the human brain…
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Exploring Intelligence - Neocortex

One of the most interesting things about the neocortex is that it has the same structure throughout. We have often mapped the brain by function, hoping this would reveal information about the how the brain works. Although we can map different cognitive activities to different areas of the brain, we also know that the map is changeable.

Homeschooling with the Brain in Mind

For homeschoolers, the world of educational choices is endless. Freedom abounds and the world is ours to make what we want of it. The first overwhelm that often strikes new homeschoolers is how to choose…anything! There are seemingly endless choices we face every day and to try and keep ourselves from decision-making overload we have…
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