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BDNF Builds Better Brains

BDNF Builds Better Brains

Your guide to BDNF, what it is, the role it plays in learning, and how to increase it.

Moving Grows the Brain - Girl Running

Moving Grows the Brain

Why Getting Students Moving is Key to Academic Success Research has shown that our brain structure is connected to the movement of our bodies. While getting enough oxygen to the brain is a really good reason to get your kids moving more, it is one small piece of the puzzle of benefits available to the…
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Reasons your kids need to move more and how to fit it into your day

Reasons Your Kids Need to Move More and How to Fit It In Your Day

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash In a world of sedentary activity we seem to have increasing problems with thought. The push on academics and the increasing amount of time children spend at their desk have not made our children smarter. Could it be that the answer is not more time at desks, but getting up and jumping…
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5 Ways Jumping Leads to Genius (feet jumping)

5 Ways Jumping Leads to Genius

Jumping leads to genius because humans are hard-wired to move.