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Marla Szwast lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband and six children, two dogs, one cat, and a Sun Conure. She is passionate about teaching children in a developmentally appropriate way, nourishing their mind, body, and heart. She is the author of Stepping Through History: Starting With You!, which can be found on the Schoolhouse Teachers paid membership website. 

She is a frequent contributor for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and writes on a variety of topics on Medium. She also does freelance writing through Writers Acess and for private clients in the education and health industries. 

Her homeschool blog focuses on how the brain learns, covering topics such as cognitive and neuroscience along with practical tips on how to incorporate that knowledge into your everyday homeschool life.

She is currently available to present the following homeschool speaking topics.

Homeschooling While Your Youngest Still Eats Crayons

Tired of all the blog posts suggesting you deal with toddlers by given them something to color while you work with your older kids? If your youngest eats crayons, you need other suggestions. This workshop will dive into scheduling, practical tips, mindset shifts, and encouragement for those with toddlers in tow. I began homeschooling in those very trenches as I had six children in eight years.

Homeschooling with the Brain in Mind

Take a journey through your child’s brain…don’t worry, we won’t get too detailed! Neuroscience and cognitive science both have many valuable lessons to teach us about learning. Getting some of these basics under your belt as the teacher in your home will help you sort through the overwhelming amount of information and resources that are now available for your homeschool. The goal of this workshop is for you to walk out with more confidence and clarity. You will discover the necessary elements of learning and also what hinders learning. You will also receive a short guide of questions to ask before you buy that shiny new curriculum.

You can view her freelance writing portfolio here.

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