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It will be a great gift to any person who knows the value of money. Safe piggy bank — this is solid! It accepts not only coins, but also paper bills. This safe is equipped with a 3-digit combination lock and crossbars.

Fun to build and useful too!    Perfect for anyone who has a few treasures they want to keep safe. 

We offer 8 recommended combinations at your discretion, but you can choose your own code.
In order to set the code, you should:
– make two revolutions of the knob counterclockwise (to the left), and the first digit of the password should be set to the third revolution;
– then perform one revolution clockwise (to the right), and set the second digit of the password on the second revolution;
– in order to set the last digit of the password, it is necessary to turn the knob counterclockwise (to the left) one revolution and at the second revolution, to set the last digit of the password.

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Made in the Ukraine by Wood Trick


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